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What We Do

We empower youth in the informal settlements of Nairobi and from rural areas of Kenya through innovative programs tailored to economically develop them. These programs are:

  1. Entrepreneurship program (BEEP)
  2. Digital Literacy Program
  3. Advanced ICT Training
  4. Online jobs training
  5. Handskills and crafts
  6. Mentorship and Coaching

Our Programs



Why We Do It

A disenfranchised youth is dangerous and initiatives like these; skills' training schemes, work experience, apprenticeships, mentoring and financial literacy lessons can help prepare young people to take full advantage of available opportunities and stimulate enterprise growth.

Programs that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation can give young people greater confidence and control over their future, making a shaky outlook a lot brighter.

And that is why WE DO IT!


Our Work



Our Reach

TYB’s commitment to youth empowerment has benefitted countless young people across Kenya who would otherwise be unemployed or without sustainable sources of livelihood.

In the past two years, through the involvement and of several development partners, TYB has had the following reach:

  • 1,617  youth trained in digital literacy
  • 5,348 trained in entrepreneurship and leadership skills
  • 10,155 employed in youth run enterprises
  • 15,400 reached with information on business and market opportunities

Our Work


Our Partners & Sponsors

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