Our Impact Stories


Just Imagine This!

Imagine This! Getting skills that help you advance your trade and provide for yourself and your family. Then using those skills to do exactly that! That is what TYB has been doing with our Entrepreneurship Training through BEEP. But now we want to venture even further, and provide a different skillset to youth from challenged […]


Women And Entrepreneurship – Warembo Self Help Group

In my daily routine as an Entrepreneurship Trainer with The Youth Banner (TYB) and based in Homabay, I have interacted with countless youth from the County and the greater Nyanza region. It has exposed me to the challenges us youth face as well as given me a chance to be part of the success in […]

“You Can Do That Too. We Will Show You How” – Betty`s Story

When Beatrice Atieno left high school in 2010, she hoped find something to do with her life. That would turn out to be a job as an Mpesa agent; a low paying job. Initially, commissions earned from the Mpesa transactions where paid through the bank to the business owner but at that time, the commissions […]

From A Sweets Hawker To A Poultry Farmer.

Winnie knows it is no fun to run in the streets of Nairobi, especially if behind you is a ruthless city council askari. She knows how demeaning it feels to be outrun or caught unawares by the same askari, have all goods confiscated, and worse, she knows the frustration of being manhandled and bundled into […]

‘Business Now Flows In My Blood’ – The Story Of The ‘Ghetto Guy’

He calls Himself a ‘ghetto guy’. As we share a light moment, he informs me that even his parents wonder how he survives in the city of Nairobi, leave alone being in the slum. He has embraced the hard life of Kiambiu and understands what it is like to live in a slum. Of late, […]