“You Can Do That Too. We Will Show You How” – Betty`s Story

When Beatrice Atieno left high school in 2010, she hoped find something to do with her life. That would turn out to be a job as an Mpesa agent; a low paying job. Initially, commissions earned from the Mpesa transactions where paid through the bank to the business owner but at that time, the commissions would be sent to the Mpesa line. This was the time Irene realised just how much money she was helping someone make and how poorly she was being compensated for it. Not a very good feeling, a bad feeling that was not to last!

The Invitation

The Kiambiu Youth for Peace and Development Network (KYPDN) needed more members and Betty’s friend invited her to join. She obliged. It was then that she interacted with The Youth Banner. When asked if she owned a business she said yes, but then it wasn’t hers. She was later to explain as much and realised how deeply she wished it was her business. In one of the trainings, she got a challenge from a facilitator that she could do business too but according to her, she didn’t have money to do that. That was before she was taught about saving.


Having learned how to save, from her Ksh 3,500/= salary, Betty managed to save Ksh10,000/=. With that she would buy airtime and supply to shops at whole sale price. “Competition was very high but I woke up earlier than my competitors to supply airtime before reporting to the Mpesa at 8a.m.” she narrated. She had a competitive edge and soon she edged out her competitors.

Running a Business

She had learnt how to run a business and with those ideas she was soon calculating and seeing which amount of airtime was more profitable, which was moving fast, then buy and supply more of that. The result was more sales, and behind her, with her customer care skills, she left satisfied customers. As business grew, so did the bulk of cards she bought, and the less she bought them for. In effect, profits increased.

The Big Break & Commissions!

It was time to quit her Mpesa job. “Before I knew it, Ksh 10,000/= was so small an amount. I was trading at Ksh. 100,000/= with profits averaging Ksh 30,000 per month, I learned how to be my own boss effectively. Now I am, and I can watch my favorite K’ogalo team in peace.” she said with a smile.

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